Fun vs Fear – Hope for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is drawing to a close – and that I founded my company 30 years ago! THANK YOU for being on this exciting journey with me!  I’ll write more about lessons learned during this wild ride in 2020, but for now I wanted to share a special message for the holiday […]

Accelerate Change through Training PLUS Coaching – A Tale from the Field

At the recent Association of Change Management Professionals Global Conference, Mark Ruth, the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Director of Research and Education, and I co-facilitated a presentation and a masterclass on “Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management.”  I’ve written about this topic in three previous newsletters (links below), and for a quick summary of the ICF/HCI research […]

What Can COACHING for Change “Look Like” on the Job?

Welcome to part 3 in my series on COACHING and its pivotal impact on building individual and collective capability to lead change!  (The first article in the series shared actionable findings from the Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management Research  and the second explored how coaching positively impacts three top change challenges – leadership commitment, employee resilience, and communications […]

Why Thank You Goes a Long Way:
The Power of Recognition

A hallmark of a Constructive culture I often ask the leaders for whom I consult two simple questions: First, “Do you need positive feedback to do your best at work—like you need air and water?” Typically, a small percentage will say yes. Second, I ask the question with a twist: “When you get an ‘atta-boy’ […]

New Year, New Choice: DROP THE DRAMA! – January 2019

Happy New Year! I trust this ezine finds you emerging from a wonderful holiday season and excited to embark on a new year brimming with positive possibility. At the same time, I know that many of us experienced at least some stress during the holiday season and have come back to work to face “opportunities” […]

How COACHING Overcomes the Top 3 Change Challenges

Welcome to part 2 in my series While there are many reasons for successful versus unsuccessful change initiatives, my experience and the HCI/ICF Research on Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management point to three critical factors: leadership commitment (engaged or absent?), employee capability (resilient or resistant?), and communication (effective or ineffective?) – and coaching impacts all […]

What’s the MOST Impactful but LEAST Used Tool in Your Change Toolkit?

QUESTION What’s the MOST impactful but LEAST utilized tool in our change toolkit? ANSWER COACHING! If you’re reading this ezine, most likely you informally coach colleagues on-the-job every day as you collaborate to plan or execute or sustain change in your workplace.  However, how many of our organizations have formally integrated “coaching” into the change […]

Leading vs Managing Change: A Classic Commentary & an Innovative Invitation

If you’re dealing with big, massive changes right now (and who isn’t?), enjoy these sage observations by leadership guru John Kotter.  It’s been seven years since he wrote these words, and sadly most organizations have not heeded his even-more-relevant-today advice.  If his message resonates with you and you are seeking a path forward for yourself, […]

Happy Birthday to CQ & A FREE Gift for YOU! – May 2018

Happy Birthday CQ! Change Intelligence was published 5 years ago this month!  It’s been thrilling to witness the bottom-line impact CQ has made for people, teams, and organizations that are committed to building change leadership capacity, ranging from helping healthcare systems navigate all the massive changes in their industry, to  catalyzing a culture of collaboration across steel companies, to empowering […]

Is It “Them” Resisting, or “Me” Not Leading?  Uncover Your Leadership Blind Spots!

What’s the most common topic in the change management literature?  “Overcoming resistance to change.”  What’s the focus that statement implies?  In the stress of leading change, despite our best intentions, it can feel like we’re doing something “to” others, or “against” others, or even “in spite of” others – instead of with and for our […]