Elevate Your Event with Dr. Barbara Trautlein: Unleash the Power of Change Intelligence®

Transform your organization by booking Dr. Barbara Trautlein as a speaker for your next event. Barbara’s dynamic, engaging presentations will inspire audiences, from Fortune 50 C-level executives to union workers on the shop floor. Her captivating storytelling style is rooted in real-life experiences, from steel mills to high-tech companies, and her original research spans the globe from America to Australia, Italy to India.

Barbara’s gift lies in presenting strategies and tactics that are both accessible and actionable. Your audience will walk away entertained, educated, and equipped to immediately apply the insights they’ve gained to their workplace.

Sample Topics

  1. “When Change Doesn’t Stick: Building Change Intelligence® for Lasting Results” Are you tired of the “program of the year”? Learn how to move beyond buzzwords and hype, and leverage a proven formula for change that creates lasting results. Your leaders will walk away knowing how to drive change that positively impacts your organization’s bottom line.
  2. “Why Aren’t They Getting It? Change Intelligent® Leadership for Lasting Impact” Discover the myths and realities of overcoming resistance to change and learn the pivotal mindset shift that Change Intelligent® Leaders embrace. Your audience will walk away understanding how to become inspirational leaders who inspire others to act and achieve powerful results together.
  3. “Team-Building in Tough Times: Uncovering the Three Keys to Develop Relationships that Deliver Results” Empower your team to work together and achieve success by learning the three keys to building relationships. Your audience will walk away knowing how to lead their team from breakdown to breakthrough.
  4. “Women’s Power at Work: Leading Impactful Teams with Inclusive Management Strategies” Learn how to balance your current work and future goals while coaching your team to achieve great results. Develop your Change Intelligence® (CQ® ) to juggle conflicting priorities effectively and proactively focus on your career through positive self-promotion.

Book Dr. Barbara Trautlein today and watch your organization thrive through the power of Change Intelligence®.

Don't miss this opportunity to create a lasting impact on your audience and your organization.