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By boosting your Change Quotient®, you and your organization will be better prepared to successfully lead change.

CQ® provides the insights and tools to better prepare you and your team members for what feels like continual change that is ever increasing in pace, scope, and complexity.

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Take Our Assessment and Discover Your Change Leadership Style Now

At Change Catalysts, we realized there were tools to develop skills to “manage” or “cope with” change (resistance, resilience, etc.) and to develop “leadership competencies” (communication, conflict, etc.), but a method to develop “change leadership” capability was missing. Our assessment, grounded in our Change Intelligence® model, fills that gap and will show you your Change Leadership Style.  We each have a unique Change Leadership Style, which is our specific blend of how we engage Hearts, enlighten Heads, and equip Hands to move in positive new directions.  By uncovering your Change Leadership Style, you will begin your journey of developing your Change Intelligence®. You will learn practical and actionable skills that will accelerate change and maximize positive outcomes.

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Immersive eLearning for Individuals and Team or Project Leaders

Whether you are a team player or team/project leader, Change Catalysts has an immersive eLearning program that’s right for you. 

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CQ® for Individuals is available for a limited-time introductory offer of $99!

It includes the CQ® Assessment (a $50 value!)

(Regular Price $199)

Explore CQ® for Individuals to Ramp Up Your Change Intelligence®

CQ® for Individuals is suitable for anyone who wants to develop Change Intelligence® to maximize their impact on any change initiative. With CQ® for Individuals, you will:
  • Understand your unique Change Intelligence® style
  • Learn that YOU are a change leader, regardless of role or title
  • Discover your strengths and struggles in leading change
  • Learn how to adapt your approach to influence others without formal authority
  • Discover how to get your voice heard and acted upon for more successful (and less stressful) change
By understanding your CQ® style, you will be better equipped to align with others, appreciate differences, and leverage those differences for more effective collaboration and change leadership.

Experience CQ® for Leaders to Maximize Your Own and Your Team’s Change Intelligence®

CQ®  for Leaders is especially designed for those guiding others through change, whether Team Leader or Project Leader. CQ® for Leaders will show you how to build individual and collective change capability to set you up for success in any change initiative and all changes to come.

With CQ® for Leaders, you will:

  • Understand your unique Change Intelligence® style
  • Discover your strengths and struggles in leading change
  • Address potential challenges in leading change
  • Learn how to adapt and tap into the right people for successful change
  • Foster a culture of appreciation for diverse styles and alternate perspectives
  • Improve change readiness, performance, and impact across the organization

By building your team Change Intelligence® with CQ® for Leaders, you’ll minimize conflict, maximize collaboration, and improve the overall success of your change initiatives.

CQ® for Leaders is available for a limited-time introductory offer of $299!

It includes the CQ® Assessment, a $50 value!

(Regular Price $449)

All of our solutions are available for Group Purchasing. You can purchase multiple licenses for multiple users.

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We offer customized instructor led workshops/webinars, blended/hybrid learning solutions, and enterprise eLearning/assessment licenses.

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