We were recently informed that the CQ system made an appearance in one of the main economic newspapers in France. Yves Cavarec, the author of the article, wrote an analysis of the failed June merging of two French rugby clubs. Without knowing details of the case, but using the CQ system, he determined that the merge was based on a high-Head approach. He also determined that the change leader ignored both the Heart and the Hands.

The feedback from the article was very good. In addition to being talked about on all the popular social media networks, Yves Cavarec also recieved an email from the mayor of the city. Having been involved on the merge project, the mayor agreed with Yves Cavarec’s analysis and congratulated him on the article.

If you are fluent in French you can read details about the failed merging here. In addiiton you can also read the analysis that Yves Cavarec wrote here.