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Team Development

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Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to get your people on board with the necessary changes your company needs to execute and be more productive and profitable?  Is your team struggling to lead change it’s been tasked with, experiencing conflict, breakdown, or just not getting the traction it needs?

Even though they may want to contribute, your people may not be on the same page with your vision and strategies.  When your people are not aligned or invested in what needs to happen, solutions won’t stick and you as a leader will become increasingly frustrated trying to force an outcome that team members don’t see, recognize or value.

Although there’s no way to “sprinkle magic dust” for a quick fix, teams can create lasting results instead of temporary improvement when they tap into their Change Intelligence®.  When they increase their CQ®, teams charged with leading change become empowered with a way forward and a clear plan to engage their colleagues:

At Change Catalysts, we equip teams to work together to get it done right on time and on budget and on a sustainable path for the future.
As a result of this hands-on approach, your people and employees are enlightened, effective and efficient—and armed with the tactics and resources to get the job done.

For new teams, the CQ® System provides a powerful starting point for launching in the right direction.  For existing teams, building Change Intelligence® can help uncover new opportunities and expose critical but neglected aspects of the change process.  Teams emerge better able and more motivated to achieve ambitious goals together.

Our team-building experience spans from implementing:

We foster team development from inception through managing conflicting priorities and personalities to high performance.  Our CQ® System includes leadership coaching and peer mentoring, enabling teams we facilitate to emerge stronger.

We work with all levels of the system – from:

If all levels understand why change needs to happen, participate in designing and implementing the change, and are engaged in the benefits the change will reap for themselves and for their system, then they are much more apt to support the changes.

We consistently receive high marks for our ability to successfully communicate the business rationale for change, to empower people to blend their self-interests with the overall team goal in the face of change, and to effectively not only design but implement and sustain lasting and meaningful, bottom-line improvements.

To learn more about how we build teams, please Contact Us.