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Unlock the Power of Change Leadership with the Change Intelligence®
Assessment Group Licenses.

Step up to the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape with our CQ® assessment. Equip your team with the confidence and competence to lead change successfully.

Change isn’t limited to the boardroom. It permeates every level of your organization. From C-Suite executives to fresh hires, everyone is a ‘change leader.’ As global organizations grapple with dramatic shifts, there’s an unprecedented need for effective change leadership. Our CQ®
assessment doesn’t just identify your change leadership style; it provides a roadmap of strengths, areas for improvement, and bespoke development opportunities.

Before embarking on this transformative journey, here’s what you need to know:

Our CQ®
Assessment is concise yet insightful, consisting of 20 items that take around 15 minutes to complete. We recommend setting aside uninterrupted time to fully engage with the assessment. To maintain the accuracy of results, it’s important to complete it in one go, as any attempt to re-access it midway can lead to an error.

Invest in your team’s Change Intelligence®
today with our group licenses. Prepare your team for tomorrow’s change, today.