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Leadership Development

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As a leader, are you feeling frustrated and discouraged that even your best efforts are not leading to the impact and improvement you want for your team and organization?  Have you invested in expensive and time-consuming leadership development programs in the past without any real and lasting results for your people?

Many leaders today are not only highly educated but they’ve taken class after class in order to lead change more effectively.  In spite of all that energy and effort, successfully leading teams through change remains a struggle.  As a result, you may be asking yourself:

What’s missing?
What I am I not getting?  
What am I doing wrong?

Take heart—it’s not your fault!  With all the training and coaching you’ve taken, it’s likely you haven’t been exposed to the opportunity to develop your change leadership competence.  Despite your best efforts, this may be a blind spot and a gap standing between you and the impact you know you’re meant to make. Based on our research and experience with leaders at all levels in a multitude of industries globally, we know this to be true.  Leaders are almost never trained or not given the opportunity to develop their CQ®/Change Intelligence®.

Even though you’re a leader, change really takes place on the front lines—not in the C-suites.  Therefore, leaders need to be able to inspire not only followers, but to ignite leaders throughout the workplace to collaborate together to make the change happen. As a leader, you need to demonstrate the why, what and how to make people want to come along.

So our first step needs to be looking at our style of leading change.  Powerful change leaders start with the heart, engage the brain, and help the hands move in positive new directions.  
Some change leaders rely more on one aspect, and others focus equally on two or even all three components.  The most influential change leaders have all three tools in their toolkit, skill in using the tools, and the savvy to deploy the right tools in the right situation.  That’s CQ®!  By building Change Intelligence®, change leaders are able to overcome what looks like resistance, but is really either confusion over the goal (no “head”), lack of connection to the goal (no “heart”), or lack of tactics and training to partner together to work toward the goal (no “hands”).

The targeted developmental strategies in the CQ®/Change Intelligence® System are immediately accessible, personally applicable, and professionally actionable.  Awareness of our style can help us adapt to different people and situations and ultimately take action to become more powerful change leaders.

That’s our intention—to help clients become aware of their Change Leadership style, to accept their strengths and developmental areas, and to get in action to build CQ® to catalyze powerful change in their organizations, teams, and careers.  As you build your heartset, mindset, and skillset—you will become more savvy and adept at selecting the right tools for the right situation—bolstering your effectiveness as a change leader.

Developing leaders is our passion.
  Our approach combines a compassionate, relationship-oriented style with a powerful, results-oriented focus.  We have designed and delivered customized leadership development programs from front-line leaders, high potential mid-career professionals, women leaders, and executives.  Our programs combine blended learning solutions, linking group training, individualized coaching, and on-the-job action learning assignments.  Clients report that they can immediately apply new competencies to obtain real results, thrive in change, and achieve breakthrough performance. Further, our coaching provides a rich environment promoting ongoing self-awareness, learning and support.

Executives, managers, and supervisors show up as leaders, confident and clear about how to navigate their people through the change process.  Leaders learn how to successfully navigate and find a solution for even the most vexing change challenges.

To learn more about how we develop leaders, please Contact Us.