How to Use the Change Intelligence® Academy

User Tutorial

This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on navigating the Change Intelligence® Academy to efficiently access and complete your courses.

Your Profile Page

Starting with the profile page, this is your gateway to the products you’ve purchased. From here, you can select any course you are enrolled in to gain access to its content.

The LMS Profile Page

Interacting with the Course Content

Engagement with the course begins by selecting a lesson. Each lesson’s format is consistent, allowing for a seamless learning experience. To start a lesson or assessment, click the respective open or access button and follow the on-screen instructions to dive into the e-learning module.

The modules are presented in a lightbox window for focused learning, which can be exited by clicking the ‘X’ at the top right corner.

Begin each module by clicking the ‘begin’ button. Progress through the module using the left-hand navigation for previously completed sections or the ‘next’ button to move forward. Each slide may have a brief mandatory viewing time before allowing progression to ensure content absorption.

Pay attention to slides that feature additional interactions, indicated by icons or instructions on the slide, to fully engage with the material. Some slides include videos, offering a multimedia approach to learning. These can be played by clicking the play button.


Slides can contain interactions
Lesson navigation is in the bottom right of the player.
Close the slide player by selecting the X in the upper right.

The CQ® Assessment

A unique feature of the course is its integration with the Change Intelligence® assessment (CQ® assessment). Instructions on certain slides will guide users on how to proceed based on whether they’ve previously completed the assessment, streamlining the learning process.

Select the appropriate interactions based on your desired experience.
The eLearning modules may not give you a visual cue, but communicate to the LMS on the backend.

Navigating to the Next Lesson

To officially mark a lesson as complete, close the module window and select the ‘mark complete’ button located at the lower right-hand corner of the lesson screen. Note that progression through the course is contingent on completing these modules, with the ‘complete’ button on the final slide being the key to advancing.

You must select the interaction at the end of each module to let the LMS know you completed the module.
After you complete the module and exit via the X, you can Mark Complete and advance,

This process ensures a structured and engaging learning experience, tailored to the learner’s pace and understanding, reinforcing the acquisition of knowledge through interactive and multimedia elements.