CQ® Helps You Maximize Your Change Leadership

  • Are you frustrated with what feels like never ending change or struggling with conflict or unneeded stress during change?
  • Change can be hard, and we can feel powerless in the face of so much daunting disruption.
  • CQ® humanizes change by helping us see how to lead Hearts, Heads, and Hands through it.
  • By unlocking the Change Leadership in people, CQ® brings out the best they have to offer in any change initiative.

Revealing Your Change Leadership Style

The CQ® Assessment unlocks your Change Leadership Style.
You will fall in three broad categories: Heart, Head, and Hands.

  • The Heart-styles are all about people and engage others to “want it” during change.
  • The Head-styles “get it” and either create or support the vision.
  • The Hand-styles “do it” and are energized by turning ideas into results.

Change Intelligence® will give you a greater sense of purpose and clarity around your role. You will discover how to get your voice heard and make a meaningful impact.

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