CQ Assessment

CQ® Assessment Welcome to the Change Intelligence®/CQ® Assessment. Congratulations on investing in your professional development to become an even more competent and confident change leader by building your Change Intelligence®/CQ®! We are all “change leaders,” regardless of tenure, title, or role! Given the massive changes occurring in all organizations around the world, which are increasing […]

Team Member Course

Change Intelligence®: Team Member Course Welcome to the Change Intelligence® Team Member Course, a transformational journey designed to equip you with the crucial skills needed to navigate, adapt, and thrive in a world of constant change. This comprehensive online course provides a deep dive into the dynamic field of Change Intelligence® (CQ®). You’ll discover your […]

People Leader Course

Change Intelligence®: People Leader Course Welcome to the Change Intelligence® People Leader Course, an immersive online program uniquely tailored to empower individuals leading teams through change. This course is your gateway to mastering Change Intelligence® (CQ®), an essential skill set for the contemporary leader. Discover your distinct Change Leader Style, delve into the neuroscience of […]