As renowned physicist Stephen Hawking sagely stated, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Want to ADAPT?

To help focus and ground your reflection, I’d like to offer you a resource that I use with my clients to help develop their Change Intelligence – the ADAPT tool.  Click here To access the free ADAPT tool and download the PDF.

As I share with my clients, to cope with demanding challenges spanning from mergers to reorganizations to new technologies, we don’t need to change ourselves, any more than we can “force” change on those we seek to partner with towards positive new directions.  Instead, the opportunity is to ADAPT our behaviors to be more effective across a wider variety of situations, thereby expanding our influence and increasing our impact.

The ADAPT tool is a targeted and simple resource to encourage intentional reflection about the one aspect of our workplaces and our worlds we can genuinely control – ourselves!  How liberating is that?!

Please do reach out and let me know what insights the tool provided you, and how you are planning on applying your learnings on-the-job.