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    Catalyzing Change Case Study

    Business Ethics Evaluation in a Global Pharmaceutical Corporation

    Change Challenge
    As a result of being found in violation of certain business practices, a global pharmaceutical firm instituted a variety of changes to their global business ethics oversight, policies, and practices.  After these change were put in place, the firm's executive team sought a formal evaluation of their impact and effectiveness. 
    Customized Solution
    Partnering with the firm's Vice President and General Counsel, we designed a customized evaluation protocol.  We interviewed the senior executive heading each of the firm's five global regions.  We surveyed a sample of employees in key functional groups in each region.  Integrating results with our IDEAL (Intentional Dialogue Enabling Action Learning) research program on global business ethics and corporate responsibility, we were able to offer unique and practical insights based on perspectives from around the world.  After analyzing the findings, we presented our report to the firm's global executive team. 
    Real Results
    The executive team gained confidence that the changes they had put in place enabled the business to operate according to ethical standards consistent with its mission and values.  Further, the evaluation satisfied legal requirements.  In the report, we identified best practices in each region and recommendations for replicating them globally.  Global and regional barriers to certain business practices were unearthed, and action plans created to systemically drive desired behavior change.  Moreover, a structured, objective process was created to enable business leaders from diverse cultures and backgrounds to deliberate and reach consensus on vexing ethical and legal challenges, promoting understanding, cooperation, and effective execution.