Catalyzing Change Case Study

Coaching for Training Project Managers in a Learning and Development Function

Change Challenge
Our work together began when the newly appointed learning and development manager desired to change the direction of the team.  The training department had a history of past failures resulting in a poor reputation.  The business unit was going through a great deal of change including sharply increasing rates of attrition and hiring, requiring a much larger volume of training.  New governmental, environmental, and corporate regulations mandated an increased rate and rigor of compliance, re-qualification, and documentation - and, therefore, training. 
Customized Solution
We embarked with the training team on a year-long developmental process.  We met a series of six times as a group over the course of the year, to build core training and interpersonal skills, and to build a cohesive "on the same page" team.  Each member created an individual development plan, complete with performance and behavioral expectations.  Team members each took on projects to enhance the effectiveness of the business unit through designing and delivering training plans for key groups, and building relationships with unit leaders to drive critical change.  In between group sessions, the manager coached each team member, and we "coached the coach."  We created a communication plan to share "wins" with the business unit and gain visibility with the leadership team.
Real Results
The team made measurable progress on several fronts.  Team members report feeling genuinely supported and empowered for the first time in their careers.  The training team has seen its reputation enhanced and is being asked to take on ever more important initiatives, such as spearheading a new recruiting process for the business unit - traditionally a human resource role.  And the training function is now recognized as initiating leading-edge initiatives for the company, and asked to share its newly developed best practices, for example in the area of accelerated learning, on a global basis.

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