Catalyzing Change Case Study

Executive Team-Building and Strategic Planning in a Retail Organization

Change Challenge
The senior leadership team of a medium-sized retail organization in a highly competitive marketplace underwent a radical shift in membership.  A new CEO was hired to orchestrate a turn-around given the store's lagging financial performance.  He hired several new C-level executives, including a CFO and VP of HR.  The new leaders clashed with the more artistic, creative members of the executive team, who were with the firm since its inception. 
Customized Solution
We helped the leadership team understand that on one level, they were experiencing the "growing pains" typical of a firm transitioning from its entrepreneurial roots to the need for greater emphasis on building an administrative foundation.  At a strategic planning off-site we designed and facilitated, the senior leaders reconnected with the founding vision and came together to craft a winning new future plan, consisting of mutually-supported strategies, tactics, and accountabilities.  Team-building consisting of individual behavior styles assessments, peer-to-peer conflict resolution, and team insight exercises enabled members to understand and appreciate each other's contributions and needs.  
Real Results
After the retreat, the senior team spoke with one voice as they shared their new future vision and strategic plan with their staff.  They continued down their founding path of being true to their creative, artistic roots, while at the same time made developing functional administrative policies, procedures, and processes a priority.  Moreover, they partnered together to implement their plan, managing a successful turn-around resulting in the firm becoming sound enough financially and operationally to attract new investors - a key strategic goal of the executives. 

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