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    Catalyzing Change Case Study

    Learning and Development in a Healthcare System

    Change Challenge
    Forward-thinking leaders at a community-based healthcare system realized that their staff's leadership and innovation capabilities were not up to par to meet the increasingly demanding competitive environment.  Employees received scant training beyond immediate job requirements.  Physicians were not optimally engaged in strategic leadership.  Cross-functional cooperation between administrators, physicians, and nursing staff was spotty. 
    Customized Solution
    We partnered together to design an innovative and integrated approach to learning and development.  First, we scanned the environment to identify best practice solutions in healthcare, and then conducted a needs assessment of opportunities and issues within the system itself, consisting of in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys.  Next, we analyzed and synthesized results, crafting a proposal to transform the healthcare system into a "learning organization."  Key elements included linking the learning center to business goals; building a partnership model between learners and managers; developing blended, technology-facilitated learning solutions; aligning human resource practices to support learning objectives; and tracking metrics to gauge the return-on-learning investment.  Thereafter, we crafted tools and processes to launch the learning center with a "wow" factor and to continually monitor and improve its effectiveness at achieving its ambitious goals.   
    Real Results
    The learning institute approach received high marks for its comprehensive integration of organizational and individual goals, human resource processes and managerial involvement into the solution.  Based on the enthusiastic response, we are currently partnering with leaders in the healthcare system to conduct needs assessments in other healthcare systems to target opportunities to bolster individual learning, cross-functional cooperation, and bottom-line business outcomes.