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    Catalyzing Change Case Study

    Organizational Design and Development in a U.S.-Japan Joint Venture

    Change Challenge
    From groundbreaking, to start-up a half billion dollar US-Japanese joint venture manufacturing facility. 
    Customized Solution
    We began by consulting with senior leaders and union officials to create a vision, mission, and values statement for the joint venture.  Importantly, we did not stop there, but created a detailed project plan to specify actions to bring those lofty goals to life.  We partnered with members from all levels and functional groups in the facility to design and implement self-directed teams of operations, maintenance, and salaried personnel.  To empower the teams to become self-directed, we conducted extensive leadership, team, and interpersonal skills training.  After the initial start-up period, we partnered with the joint venture for many years, continuing to conduct on-going audits and renewal initiatives to ensure continued engagement, meet new business challenges, and foster the team-based work culture. 
    Real Results
    The joint venture exceeded commissioning goals in terms of cost and time factors.  It has also remained consistently profitable even given the considerable competitive pressures in their industry.  Given their success, parent companies are building an additional multi-million dollar facility at the same site.