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    The ADAPT Tool
    The ADAPT tool and exercise is an example of one of the straightforward yet
    powerful methodologies participants learn in the CQ Certification Program,
    to enable them to become more savvy change leaders themselves, as well
    as to coach and train their colleagues and clients in this critical competency. 


    October 2017
    Learning to Change: Get Results + Develop Agile Leaders

    July 2017
    PLAY is Serious Business!

    December 2016
    Change Your Language, Change Your Life

    August 2016
    Voting for Change? Elect the Right Rewards!

    July 2016
    How Can Changing Your Mindset Help You Lead Change?

    June 2016
    Leading Change when Lives are on the Line:
    Lessons from Dallas Police Chief David Brown

    May 2016
    3 Tactics to Overcome Leadership Blind Spots

    April 2016
    Is Your Workforce Trained to Take Charge of Change?

    March 2016
    Lessons Learned from Nokia’s CEO: Evolve or Die

    February 2016
    Quit HORSING Around – Lead Change Now!

    January 2016
    Your New Year's Resolution: Time to Recalibrate?!

    December 2015
    Why I am Optimistic for 2016

    November 2015
    Customize Your Thanks-Giving!

    October 2015
    Consultant of the Year Award!

    September 2015
    How Does an Engaged Work Culture Thrive for 25 Years?

    July 2015
    Winning the Race for Change: Lessons from the Iditarod

    June 2015
    What Can Winston Churchill Teach Us about Leading Change?

    May 2015
    Top Ten List! Is Your Change Leadership Missing One of These?

    April 2015
    Top 10 Trends in Project Management (for ALL Change Leaders!)

    March 2015
    Beyond Agility: Are YOU an Antifragile Change Leader?

    February 2015
    Let Go to Go Forward

    January 2015
    Does Leading Change Differ Across Cultures?

    December 2014
    A FREE Gift for You to Prepare for 2015’s Change Challenges

    November 2014
    What's YOUR Style of Leading Change (& TWO Special Announcements)

    October 2014
    Empathy: How it Can Help You Become a Better Change Leader

    August 2014
    Crisis of Confidence? You Are Not Alone

    July 2014
    When Change is Out of Your Control: What YOU CAN Do

    June 2014
    Leadership Unplugged: Finding Solutions and Inspiration for Change Initiatives

    May 2014
    Be a Change Leader - Not "Just" a Change Manager!

    April 2014
    Happy Birthday to ME - and a Gift for YOU!

    March 2014
    Take This One Simple Step - And Become an Even More Powerful Change Agent!

    February 2014
    When It Comes to Change, Seeing Is Believing!
    (Plus - Special CQ Announcement!)

    January 2014
    Is Organizational ADHD Derailing Your Change Project?

    December 2013
    Change Challenges (and how AT&T overcame them)

    November 2013
    Giving Thanks for Change

    October 2013
    What Can Change Leaders Learn from Salespeople?

    September 2013
    Leadership and the Sexes

    August 2013
    Back to School: Timely Lessons for Change Leaders

    July 2013
    CQ + EQ: A Potent Combination for Leaders (and what it means for you)

    June 2013
    Do Men and Women Lead Change Differently?

    May 2013
    5 Questions about Change Intelligence (so you can apply it today)

    April 2013
    Timely Lessons from Change Leaders Around the World

    March 2013
    Leading Through Transition: 3 Powerful Tools to Equip Your Team

    February 2013
    Change Leaders: Five Tips to Adapt in Challenging Environments

    January 2013
    Time to Say 'No' to Programs of the Year!


    Quick-Start Introduction to CQ
    Want a laser-focused, 10-minute overview of Change Intelligence?
    Listen to Dr. Trautlein's podcast interview with Rick Maurer.
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    Barbara Trautlein’s Change Intelligence Expert Interview
    In this wide-ranging, 60-minute interview with workplace expert Skip Weisman,
    Dr. Trautlein shares Change Intelligent tips and tools you can
    apply immediately in the workplace.
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    Trautlein on Teams

    Let's Talk Business Radio Broadcast Hosted by The Fulcrum Network

    Leadership and the Sexes - Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

    A panel discussion with five women executives moderated
    by Barbara Trautlein and Lindsey Kotrba of Denison Consulting
    Watch Now >

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